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The advantages of rosewood tea tables and their maintenance methods
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红木茶桌的优势及其保养方式 The advantages of rosewood tea tables and their maintenance methods


Everyone knows that tea originated in China. Many people like to drink tea. When it comes to tea, there must be a tea table. There are several types of tea. The mahogany tea table is a very good tea table. Its grade is also very high. Many friends have to ask, what are the advantages of the mahogany tea table? Next, learn about the advantages of mahogany tea tables.


Pros of Rosewood Tea Table


红木茶桌桌的结构严谨:大多数都使用蟑螂的组合。 1. The mahogany tea table is rigorously structured: most use a combination of cockroaches. This process makes the mahogany tea table sturdy and mechanically scientific. Most traditional mahogany furniture is done by artisans. Each knifemaker is energetic and energetic, focusing on the harmonious unity of the entire art.


红木茶桌具有合理的功能:与现代家具相比,红木家具更符合人体工程学。 2. Mahogany tea table has reasonable functions: Compared with modern furniture, mahogany furniture is more ergonomic. Improved it through long-term practice. Many mahogany furniture is based on the functional requirements of the human body and the functions of the human body, which is very scientific. Take the chair as an example. The curved back and round chair are suitable for human needs and sit comfortably.


红木茶桌增值:结合实用性,欣赏性和红木茶几的价值非常浓厚。 3. Rosewood tea table added value: combining practicality, appreciation and the value of rosewood tea table is very strong. For a long time, high-quality Chinese traditional mahogany furniture has been a treasure house for Chinese and foreign collectors. Due to the limited resources of mahogany, the growth period of mahogany is very long, and some can reach hundreds of years. Rare mahogany furniture will become more and more unique.


红木茶桌由材料制成:真正的传统红木家具由珍贵的木材制成,质地坚硬,持久,优雅,有光泽。 4. Mahogany tea table is made of materials: real traditional mahogany furniture is made of precious wood, the texture is hard, durable, elegant and shiny.


Rosewood tea table is ergonomically designed. It was designed after many mahogany furniture met human functional requirements. According to the scale of human function, scientific application design came. Take Yonghua mahogany tea table as an example. Among them, Ganoderma lucidum tea chair and Muyun tea chair meet the needs of the human body and are comfortable to sit.


Maintenance method of rosewood tea table


在夏季,始终打开空调和除湿,以减少木材的吸湿和膨胀,并避免结构的湿结构和间隙。 1. In summer, always turn on the air conditioner and dehumidifier to reduce the moisture absorption and expansion of the wood and avoid the wet structure and gaps of the structure.


为保持茶桌清洁,每天用干净的纱布擦拭灰尘。 2. To keep the tea table clean, wipe the dust with clean gauze every day. It is not recommended to use chemical brighteners to avoid damaging the paint film. In order to maintain the brightness of the furniture paint film, the walnuts can be crushed and then polished with three layers of gauze. Every six months or a year, you need to perform difficult maintenance, which helps protect prices.


灰尘实际上是一种磨粒。 3. Dust is actually an abrasive particle. When wiping dust, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe back and forth along the wood grain. If a hard dry cloth is used to wipe the paint surface, it will cause the paint surface to wear and lose its gloss. The mahogany coffee table should be placed indoors, away from doors, windows, vents and other areas of strong airflow, and should not be exposed to the sun.


冬季不宜靠近取暖,避免室内温度过热,一般在室内穿毛衣是合适的。 4. It should not be near heating in winter to avoid overheating indoor temperature. Generally, it is suitable to wear sweater indoors. Keep indoor air dry in spring, autumn and winter. A humidifier is recommended for spraying. Indoor fish and flowers can also regulate indoor air humidity. The majestic and elegant mahogany coffee table is more even, with beautiful carvings and smoothness. It has a simple shape, exquisite workmanship, and elegance and comfort. It is ancient and interesting, with carved mahogany textures and dragons and phoenixes. Elegant and elegant Ming-style mahogany tea table, smooth fit.

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