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Remember to use it carefully!
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Remember to use it carefully!


In recent years, solid wood panels have been popular throughout the country. 也以各种条纹,优质原料和广泛使用的特点进入普通百姓家中。 Bahua slabs have also entered the homes of ordinary people with various stripes, high-quality materials and widely used characteristics. They usually come with simple and heavy stands, and come with round chairs and official hats. .. 都可以轻松控制! Chairs, president's chairs, benches and other seats, whether it's artwork, desks, coffee tables ... can be easily controlled!


大板就开花了,可把人给疼爱坏了 !这儿的开花指的是炸出、烫出、蹭出的“花” 今天和大家分享。 However, many people buy it home and don't care about it, the big board is blooming, but the people love it badly ! The blooming here refers to the "flowers" that are fried, scalded, and scooped out to share with you today. That is, how to get rid of these flowers that you accidentally made? Hope to help you!


1 hot flower

Hot flowers refer to burnt scars. If the paint film is burned by a matchstick that may have faded from the butt, leaving traces, a thin wax can be applied to the surface of the board and burn marks can be removed.


2 oil flowers

That said, oily, these headaches are always very dirty and can be wiped with a mild detergent or diluted alcohol.



3 , scratched

巴花大板 的外观被意外刮伤而留下划痕并且不接触漆膜下方的木材时,可以用软布涂抹少许熔化的蜡液,将其涂在漆膜上以覆盖疤痕,然后用力涂蜡。 When the appearance of the slabs of slabs is accidentally scratched leaving scratches and does not touch the wood under the paint film, you can use a soft cloth to apply a little molten wax solution, apply it on the paint film to cover the scar, and then apply Coated with wax. This can repeatedly cover the defects of the paint film.


4 water splash

Water splashes are traces left on the slabs penetrated by water. It is also called a watermark. It can cover the watermark with a clean, damp cloth, then carefully iron the cloth with an iron so the watermark will evaporate.


5 , broken flowers

Split flowers are the worst flowers, but slender cracks can also repair themselves. The procedure is more complicated. It's best to let the special master correct it. If it is not good, it will be lost. There is a good introduction here, there are two main methods.


巴花大板 与滑石粉一起使用,放入腻子中使其光滑,然后用砂纸打磨细缝,最后用地板蜡和油腻子组成接缝。 (1) Use the Bahua slab with talcum powder, put it in putty to make it smooth, then sand the fine seams with sandpaper, and finally use the floor wax and oily putty to form the joint. When the putty is dry, the entire waxing can be done.


首先用 400 目细砂纸研磨和润滑裂纹方向,将木胶粉末沿着显着间隙的方向倒入平整度,然后滴入 502 超级胶水中渗透,然后用砂纸打磨。 (2) First grind and lubricate the crack direction with 400- mesh fine sandpaper, pour the wood glue powder into the flatness along the direction of the significant gap, then drip into 502 super glue to penetrate, and then sand it with sandpaper. solidification. Finally, blend the colors you want with flannel, and then apply a layer of floor wax on the outside.


巴花大板 在业内拥有 “皇帝伍德”的称号。 Bahua Slab has the title of "Emperor Wood" in the industry . It can be said to be a symbol of status and wealth. It also looks like a high-end, atmospheric, high-end, so it is also sought after by the rich.


巴花大板 已被列为世界珍稀树种。 Since last year, Bahua Banban has been listed as a rare tree species in the world. Therefore, transportation of materials is difficult. The prices are high and the prices of raw materials have also started to rise. Therefore, it is reasonable to judge according to your own needs. Good things are always valuable, and the possibility of appreciation is relatively large.

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