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Introduction to African Okammu: Unveiling Its Mystery
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Introduction to African Okammu: Unveiling Its Mystery


非洲奥坎木 有耳闻,那你对 非洲奥坎木了解多少呢 I believe everyone has heard about African Okum. How much do you know about African Okum ? 非洲奥坎木 是什么,大家会给出什么样的答案? If you ask everyone what is the African Okam , what kind of answer do you give? 非洲奥坎木 神秘的面纱。 Next, take you to unveil the mysterious veil of African Okum .

非洲奥坎木 是什么,首先了解 非洲奥坎木 的基本特征和知识。 If you want to know what African Okum is, first understand the basic characteristics and knowledge of African Okum .


非洲奥坎木简介:非洲奥坎木 ,印度茄子的学名,属于苏木科,常绿大乔木,树高 45M ,直径 1.5 或以上。 1. Introduction to African Okum: African Okum , the scientific name of Indian eggplant, belongs to the hematology family, evergreen big tree, tree height 45M , diameter 1.5 or above. It is mainly distributed in Malaysia, Indonesia's Southeast Asian rainforest and Africa's Gabon, Cameroon and other places. Oakwood: The name of the wood, with a clear texture and beautiful colors.


非洲奥坎木 心材为黄色,橙棕色,呈深浅浅交叉条纹,心材分明,结构一般,均匀;木头有光泽;没有特别的气味;混合金线,颜色庄重可忍,价格适中,很多人都很开心。 2.Aokan heartwood is yellow, orange-brown, with light and dark cross stripes. The heartwood is clear, the structure is average and uniform; the wood is shiny; there is no special smell; mixed with gold thread, the color is solemn and tolerable, the price is moderate, many Very happy.


木材重或中重,质地交错,坚硬,材质稳定,花纹美观,心材非常耐用,被称为 “红木”。 3. Timber or medium heavy, staggered texture, hard, stable material, beautiful pattern, very durable heartwood, it is called "redwood". It has strong oil resistance, moisture resistance and termite resistance, and has strong weather resistance.


. 材质:其木纹有时是直的,但往往是斜木纹,质地粗糙。 4. Material: The wood grain is sometimes straight, but it is often oblique and has a rough texture. Moderate weight, good stability, good resistance to bending and impact, and easy to crack due to skewed wood grain.

Uses: Suitable for wooden doors, wall panels, wardrobe bookcases, wine cellars, furniture, interior joinery, cabinet manufacturing, etc.

非洲奥坎木 的基本知识就像稳定基础一样。 Understanding these basics about African Okum is like a stable foundation. 非洲奥坎木 是什么。 Then there will be some in-depth understanding to understand what the African Okammu is.


木材简介 ——好木材。 Introduction to African Okan Wood -Good Wood.

的优势 Advantages of African Ocampus


With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people are pursuing a quality life. Everyone who buys furniture cares about health issues. 非洲奥坎木 实木板不含任何化学物质,不挥发有害气体,并且没有特殊气味。 Generally solid wood furniture must be added with chemicals, such as adhesives, but African oak wood solid wood boards do not contain any chemicals, do not emit harmful gases, and have no special odor.


Its natural health characteristics are deeply loved by people. 非洲奥坎木 富含油脂,抗潮湿和抗蚂蚁,并且对气候具有很强的适应性。 It is worth mentioning that African okum is rich in oil, resistant to humidity and ants, and has a strong adaptability to the climate. 非洲奥坎木 实木板的使用非常广泛,无论是工程建筑,家居装饰,还是办公休闲,它都有自己的身材。 Therefore, the use of African oak wood solid wood panels is very extensive, whether it is engineering construction, home decoration, or office and leisure, it has its own figure.


实木板不仅实用,其质地也非常漂亮,心材为黄色,橙棕色,有深浅条纹,金线经常出现在木质纹理中,颜色庄重耐用,非常符合现代生活。 The African oak wood solid wood board is not only practical, but also very beautiful in texture. The heartwood is yellow, orange-brown, and has dark and light stripes. Gold threads often appear in the wood texture. The color is solemn and durable, which is very suitable for modern life. Taste and aesthetic taste.


是一种百年历史的材料,它的原木味道很重,每种产品都充满浓郁的原始风味,并具有现代美感,让人们仍能感受到市中心的自然气息。 Aokan is a century-old material in Africa . Its raw wood taste is very heavy. Each product is full of rich original flavor and modern beauty, so that people can still feel the natural atmosphere of the city center. 非洲奥坎木 家具的外观非常漂亮,非常有质感。 Therefore, the appearance of African Okan wood furniture is very beautiful and very texture. 非洲奥坎木 有一颗心,甚至更强大的人仍然落后! Seeing this, everyone has a heart for African Okum , and even more powerful people are still behind!


Compared with the modern European-style modern home furnishing style, many consumers believe that simple and pure log furniture is actually more durable and not easily out of date. The unique natural texture and visual beauty of wooden furniture highlight the character's elegance, detail and clarity, giving a natural, rounded and peaceful feel.

The space created by the quality of the logs presents a tranquil and original style. Pure and elegant wood design perfectly matches the natural texture of wood texture. The hand-crafted process is made with open paint, which gives each piece a rich cultural atmosphere. Natural wood decoration, restoration of the original color of the wood, warming the original wood floor, making the whole space look fragrant and mellow. 符合这种审美标准和气质,为空间增添色彩。 African okum meets this aesthetic standard and temperament, adding color to the space.

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